Important! This application is optimized to work well with the most recent release of Chrome and Firefox browsers. It may not work with browsers with no HTML5 support. Use this website to check your browser's support for HTML5.

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Structure Plot V2.0 is an interactive web application designed to render STRUCTURE bar plots. We recommend you to read our paper to understand the purpose of this tool. If you have used Structure Plot v1.0, reading following information would be enough to get started with this version.
How this version is different from previous?
  • We built this version from scratch, not even a single line of code used in the previous version has been used here. Bitmap based graphics was used in the previous version, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) has been used here.
  • Computations and rendering are taking place in your browser, so we recommend to use browsers with HTML5 and SVG support. Any recent releases of Chrome or Firefox will work.
  • This version is interactive, no submit button, plot parameters gets updated automatically in the plot.
  • Plots can be zoomed in or out by scrolling mouse wheel. Click anywhere on the plot to drag while zooming.
  • We have also introduced some new features.
  • Data File preparation:
  • Only Comma Separated Values (CSV) are accepted, file extension should be *.csv and the file should use comma(,) delimiter. If you don't know how to do this, email me.
  • Input file preparation is very similar to our previous version. The program expects minimum four columns, the first column is reserved for Group/Population IDs, the second column is for Individual IDs, followed by columns of Q matrix (minimum two K values). This Q-matrix can be copied from STRUCTURE or CLUMPP output.
  • Alphabets, alphanumerics, numerics, underscores are allowed in Group and Individual IDs.
  • Avoid having spaces or periods(.) in file names, underscores can be used.
  • Remove extra empty columns or rows in your file. Use text editors (like Notepad++) with line numbers to find empty rows in your file. If you cannot do this, program will do this for you☺
  • Downloading or saving final plots:
  • If you know how to deal with SVG or you are familiar with Illustrator or InkSpace, I recommend you to download the plot in SVG format. Each element of the plot is editable in SVG format.
  • If you do not have any idea about SVG format, then use *.tiff or *.png, this will produce publication-ready plots. But the resolution depends on your screen resolution, if you not happy with this resolution, please email me.
  • Reporting issues:
  • If you face any issues or need any help in using this tool, do not hesitate to email me.
  • If you like this application or having any suggestions, please drop me an email.
  • Citation: If you use this application in your publication, please cite our our paper.

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